Textual Analysis -Intro/rational


Senior Giving at UMO: Building support through peer leadership and social media.

Part 1: Introduction/Rational

I will use a combination of communications approaches in my project including information transfer, strategic control, transactional process, and creativity and constraint incorporating  human relations theory and analyze trough interaction. I will focus on interpersonal relations of Elton Mayo’s work belief that:

  • Society is comprised of groups, not isolated individuals
  • Individuals are swayed by group norms and do not act alone in accord with self-interest.
  • Individual decisions are not entirely rational, but are also influenced by emotions.

Engagement and education of the annual Senior Giving Campaign at the University of Mount Olive continues to be an obstacle in regards to engagement approaches, information dissemination, participation, and overall perception of what giving means as seniors preparing to be alumni. Last year’s campaign met the overall goal of participation but barely. The Director of the Annual Fund and the Office of Alumni Relations implemented a strategic senior giving campaign January 2016. The campaign ran from January 2016 to May 2016 with an overall goal of getting 15 seniors to give $2.16 to the campaign (a total of 19 gave). The 2016 Senior Giving Campaign was comprised of leaders of the UMO SGA, Institutional Advancement Office, Student Activities and Career Services.

The 2017 Senior Giving Campaign is working off a revised approach from the previous year with the focus on peer-to-peer engagement through scheduled events and social media venues. Nine students were selected an highly recommended by a variety of departments on campus to assist with the implementation and facilitation of 2017 campaign with a focus using human relations approach to peers at events through effective messaging tools aimed at increasing the knowledge of the campaign and overall participation. These nine students received a two day training with the Director of the Annual Fund and Director and Assistant Director of Alumni Relations. The training highlighted who, what, when, why and how of the campaign but with a heavy emphasis on authentic relationship’s management with committee members, peers at events and consistent information sharing and receiving.

Two constant contact email messages have been blasted about this year’s campaign. The senior giving committee student team have created twitter and Facebook pages. The official university pages of Facebook and Instagram have shared messages for the upcoming Coffee Night on Feb. 2. Senior Giving also has a website page. The links are below.





It is my hope is to my conclusion or results will the creation of culture of life-long giving back to UMO and also a good team culture with the student led senior giving campaign committee. In addition, I hope to create an emotional connection with seniors and underclassman (a critical mass) with the shared vision of why it is important to give back which leads to connections.

Will this year’s senior giving campaign with student leaders be the missing link that promotes more engagement, better outcomes of funds raised and promote student philanthropy at UMO?


 Part 2 &3. Below is my theoretical framework and methodology paper 


Part 4. umo.senior-giving-paper




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