Digital Presentation COM 613

Hello to all. I finally uploaded my intro video for this digital presentation. I have more than my share of “uh-oh” moments during this class and I am taking ownership in these moments.

My digital presentation is about Dorothy E. Smith’s “consciousness raising” concept and a huge “uh-oh” moment for me trying to make sense enough to a digital presentation. I will admit I have had a hard time with this particular reading. However, I chose anyway for the mere purpose of seeking knowledge. In my presentation you will I made up a consulting leadership firm as a way to identify and present this material to female small business owners. The name of the firm is called “Austen and Everdeen Leadership Consulting Firm. As I re-read the text I envisioned one of my favorite women’s author’s names and another author’s heroic character. I see these two as women as consciousness raising proponents of the past and future.

What have I learned? This material is dense as my professor, Dr. John A. McArthur, stated in a response post to me this week. Honestly, I was so consumed by the material I could not see straight. He gave the best response answer ever and ended by stating, “How do we find post-colonial stories and listen?” For me I had to find a relation to something I thought was feminist from the past and to the future. I am not sure it is right but it’s not from the lack of trying. I am at my office writing this now instead of home with my husband for Father’s Day but that’s what you do when you are raising your consciousness for the good of your professional career, your family and yourself.

Oh, by the way, my intro video is sideways. I tried and tried to rotate but as you can see, it is still sideways. This class has and this presentation has taught me about not giving up. Actually, sideways is how I have felt during learning these past six weeks.And guess what, as of 3 minutes ago I finally have my video right-side up, if there is such a thing.

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